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Joe Hill, hijo de Stephen King, a punto de resolver un crimen gracias a "Tiburón", su película favorita.

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Soltera tarjeta de cine dvd tarifa mujer sigue dando problemas en Busca Unidos. Normas de uso Esta es la opinión de los internautas, no de decine.

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Talvez a pesquisa possa ajudar. Comenta esta Película Erro Cuando Allison Jones comprueba que su novio le engaña decide echarlo de su casa de Nueva York y alquilar una habitación a otra persona. Mujer blanca soltera busca - Película - studiolaser. Pesquisar por: Filmaffinity no tiene relación alguna con el productor, productora o el director de la película.

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Vota esta película. Añadir a listas. Soon strange events occur, at first innocuous but later horrifying, as Allie learns more and more about her roommate's past. An obsession with both Allie and her boyfriend develops. Allie's puppy and good friend are also involved as Hedi metamorphoses 'into' Allie to discard her own troubled past. The climax of the movie is suspenseful, and the aftermath calm yet tainted. If you watched this in the 90s and liked it, I would recommend buying it and looking closely at all the nuances and details-it's a well-made film. A pretty solid Fatal Attraction type 90's thriller that any film fanatic will enjoy!

The two leading ladies are very attractive and deliver memorable performances, JJL is outstanding as the "psycho" roommate and hasn't been this intense ever sense. Bridget Fonda is pretty good too and pretty sexy as well.

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The third act is definitely the best part of this film. I think Bridget Fonda was made for this role. She plays a fashion designer in NYC who needs a female roommate for her apartment. She has just broken up with her fiancee a wonderful performance by "Wings" actor Stephen Weber , and claims she will never reconcile with him. Enter Jennifer Jason Leigh, who Fonda chooses. Bridget Fonda is entirely cute in this movie. She has just the right haircut, and the greatest outfits featuring short, short skirts that puts this "look" of entirely chic to her every move.

No surprise that JJ Leigh wants to copy her, even down to the haircut and color Being overly friendly to Fonda's fiancee Butting in with one of her fashion clients Leigh goes to any lengths to try to get Fonda to like her; to need her. When Fonda does reconcile with her fiancee who could resist? I saw Single White Female in theater in and remember it being very entertaining and somewhat racy.

Don't expect Shakespeare and just enjoy the ride. The other movie that came with it was also entertaining as well. Starts moving along at the midway point The first half of the movie moves pretty slowly.